Projects: Period Style

Glenview Rd, Strathmore

This contemporary residence is unusual in that it may be technically considered two - storey, however the composition is via an large open plan ground floor layout above an extensive three car basement level - accessed by both stairs and two person lift. The base required a 30 Tonne excavator to break through the bedrock encountered over the entire basement.

A double height lightwell which starts at the entry and continues right through the house provides a dramatic experience as you move through the house whilst adding to the ability of the home to naturally "aspirate" (draught ventilate) and thus achieve a high standard of sustainable passive design.

The location is close to heritage areas , and is part of an older subdivision so it has been designed to fit sympathetically into the neighbourhood whilst having an individual street presence.

The home being a traditional timber weatherboard construction require intensive amounts of carpentry , the main frame was constructed while in intermediate frame to the whole perimeter also was required to accommodate a 75mm foam panel , weather boards and batt packed inside stud wall to achieve a high quality of energy conservation .Other environmental features include 20000lt water tank , energy efficient glazing and window frames , excellent upward draught ventilation to promote passive solar design and super insulating materials to absorb solar radiation during colder months.